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woman standing by a pond talking on a phone

Assisting Clients with Pond Questions

Time limit: 60 days


Full course description

Assisting Clients with Pond Questions Online Course Overview

This self-paced course offers educators an opportunity to practice helping clients with common questions about ponds.

This course is for OSU Extension educators and other staff..

Learning Objectives

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe best practices for pond management and troubleshooting common problems.
  • Locate key information about common pond management problems.
  • Assist clients with common problems related to pond management.

Course Outline

You can work on this course any time, 24/7 for up to 60 days. You will engage in learning activities, including a discussion and scenarios, and take quizzes. The course is divided into thirteen modules, which can be completed at your own pace. Each module should take approximately 20 minutes to complete.

To complete the course, you must access all pages and earn at least 85% on the final quiz. A certificate will be available to download after the course is completed.

Total Time Estimate:    3 hours

Topic Overview

  • Pond Stocking
  • Overabundant Pond Plants
  • Algae
  • Fish Kills
  • Muddy Ponds
  • Building a Pond
  • Urban Ponds
  • Toxic Algae
  • Wormy Fish
  • Adding Plants
  • Water Tests
  • Water Gardens
  • Livestock Watering


Quick Tips

  • For the best viewing experience, use the Google Chrome browser.
  • Use the OKey Login box to log in.
  • Contact the OSU IT Helpdesk if you need assistance.
  • The public version of this course is available on the OSU Extension Catalog.

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